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There is a story inside of you that is waiting to reach the world.

Traditional publishers will lead you to believe that writing a book is an expensive, complex and lengthy process that can only be executed by their experts. If you’ve explored the traditional route, you’ve probably noticed they attempt to shame “self-publishing.”

We don’t buy into the “traditional” vs. “self-publish” battle, in the modern era of writing, we believe in professional vs. unprofessional writing.

At Cornell Street Publishing, we don’t believe anyone should be the dictator that decides if your story is good enough to share with the world or when you should be allowed to share it.

Our team commits to helping you bring the ideas, life experiences, and stories in your mind to life via book, digital book, and/or audiobook so that you can leave a lasting legacy.

We understand each author has different goals. You may simply want to feel the achievement of publishing your thoughts as a personal memento for your friends and family.

Your ambition may be to become a #1 Best-Selling author with works available in major retailers such as Barnes & Noble and major digital retailers such as Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iBooks stores.

You decide the size of your vision, and we will help you get there.

It’s Your Story. Your Way.

“I want to give authors and creatives the power to tell their own story in their authentic voice by providing an accelerator platform to help them achieve their literary goals.”

Baylor Barbee, founder of Cornell Street Publishing

The Cornell Street Publishing Process

At Cornell Street, we offer custom plans and services tailored specifically to help you achieve your literary goals.  We love the art of storytelling and can’t wait to assist you in creating your best-seller.

Though everyone is  different, here’s what our typical start-to-finish process looks like:


Our publishers sit down with you to discuss your goals, timelines, and possibilities of your book.  We create a customized action plan to get you the results you want.


We work with you to explore all angles of your original idea and hone in on a central thesis to serve as the foundational groundwork that we will build your book upon.


Through a series of interviews, we begin the process extracting your best stories and ideas.  We repeat this until we have covered all angles of your book’s central theme.


Drawing upon the information in the conceptualization phase, we will arrange your ideas and concepts into a progressive outline that covers all facets of your original theme.


We work hand in hand with you to write your manuscript.  We ensure that your story is written in a manner that remains true to your voice and engaging to the reader.


We begin the process of grammatical, sentence structure, voice and punctuation editing of your story.  We ensure that the manuscript achieves its intended purpose.


Our team of creative department works with you to design the cover of the book while also formatting the interior of the book for the upcoming printed and digital release.


We help you obtain all necessary ISBN information for your book, order printed copies, and launch your digital and audio books on Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks, Audible.com and more.


Our custom marketing plans are geared toward gaining you maximum exposure to a focused buying audience in a coordinated effort to make your book a best-seller.

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Take advantage of our most popular service where we work with you directly on every step of the book writing process and guide you from the idea stage all the way to having your book printed and distributed on various digital channels.

Not sure how to write a book or simply don’t have the time? No Problem; we can interview you and then write the entire book for you in your voice and give you ALL the credit.  The book is published in your name as if you wrote it and don’t worry; we won’t tell anyone.

If you already have a manuscript and just need professional editing with a focus on sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and suggestions on how to improve the flow of your book, our editing team is ready to assist you.

They say “never judge a book by its cover,” but the reality is that your audience’s first impression of your book is based solely on the cover.  Our professional design team will create a cover that fits the tone and theme of your book while attracting potential readers.

We will arrange the interior of your book and deliver the files necessary to publish your printed book as well as the files necessary to publish your book digitally on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.

Our professional voice-over artists can recite your book manuscript, and our audio engineers will deliver the mastered audio files for publication on Audible.com, Apple iBooks audiobook store, and other digital audiobook retailers.

Once you have a formatted manuscript, we can assist you with obtaining the necessary ISBN numbers, barcodes for retail-ready books, and help you print copies of your book.  We can also submit your book to Amazon, Apple iBooks, and make it available to retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

I have a Few Questions

We’d love to answer any questions you may have about the process or anything related to your book idea.

Feel free to email us and our publishers will get back to you quickly and we can begin working together on your best-seller.


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